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D. Mensah

I was stress up finding IELTS preparation centre in Accra. I went to British council to ask if they have a class for people who want to take test in IELTS, but unfortunately they don't. I meet a guy there who introduces one-to-one IELTS to me. They prepare me with the tips and bits of the exam. I took the exam and pass. I have now join my wife in the UK. They are very good and recommend them to anyone who wants to take IELTS exam.

Mercy  O

I was given a flyer at the entrance to the British Council which introduced me to One-To-One IELTS classes. Just after one week of study with them I become more confident and satisfied that I could face the exams in all the four areas- reading, writing, listening and speaking. No wonder I has my expected score band for my school (7 score band).
Thanks, One -to- On

Stephen Nyawonu

I have attempted the IELTS exams for three times and in all did not get the listening test. This got me worried until a friend introduced me to One-to-One IELTS classes. To my surprise the listening teacher took his time and to taught me one on one until I could score high marks in class. I had an excellent result of 6.5 score band in the listening.
I recommend them to anybody, just try them and see

Abigail B.

When I went to the British Embassy and was told the IELTS exams as part of the Visa requirement, I was really disturbed because my educational level was very low. I took in a private teacher but couldn’t see the head and tail of what he was teaching. Then I went back to the British council to get help. At the entrance I was given the flyer of One-to-One IELTS classes in just three weeks to the exams. They performed magic on me.  I passed all the four subjects

Rita Mensah

Their services great and their teachers very dedicated, try them!

Richard K.O

I am worker at Takoradi where I live and I want to continue my education at Canada. And I don’t know anything about IELTS till I went to British Council and I was given flyer at the gate.  Believe me I had a distance training while at Takoradi and it was perfect and outstanding. I pass with better band (total band 6.5) thanks to ONE-TO-ONE IELTS CLASSES


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